Les câbles sont en quelques sorte les roues si votre chaîne était une voiture. Tout est question d'équilibre.




  • Conducteur: Cuivre Solid Perfect-Surface  (PSC) + / PSC
  • Section: 16 AWG
  • PVC Jacket Color Off-White
  • Multiple Strands interact electrically and mechanically, causing irritation and one-note bass boom.
  • "Oxygen-Free" Copper is Oxygen-Reduced, but is not selected for low distortion.
  • High-Inductance Geometry smears sound, reduces information.
  • Solid Conductors eliminate harshness and confusion due to strand interaction.
  • Perfect-Surface Coppers have fewer irregularities on the surface and inside, protecting clarity and sonic beauty.
  • Low-Inductance Geometry preserves time information, preserving dynamics and clarity.

Termination Directions: The 4 conductors of CV-1 can be easily separated and then stripped individually. Take care not to cut the conductors when stripping off ?" (12mm) of PVC jacket.

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